That’s it, get out the champagne, I finally managed to edit you the video of my vlog in Miami!
So be indulgent, this is my very first vlog and I haven’t necessarily had the automatisms to film everything yet but I promise you I’ll get better! Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it!

Besides the video, I still wanted to make a short summary of our stay, with as usual all the information about the trip, addresses, etc!


For our trip to the US, we took our tickets on jetcost, it is a price comparison site like there are many (I also use a lot Liligo or Kayak).
The good thing about this type of site is that you can easily compare the price of tickets.
We booked all tickets at the same time: Paris-Miami, Miami-Dallas, Dallas-New-York and New-York-Paris. All this cost us about 900€ each for 4 flights, which is still quite reasonable! The ticket to Miami cost us each 340€ and we travelled with Norwegian.
So for those who don’t know the company (it was my case before taking it), the planes are very good, you have an individual TV but not wifi for long haul flights.
I advise you not to order a meal with the ticket because it is quite expensive (35€/person) and for having seen the quantity it is really not worth it! Take some food during the flight and remember to stop at the duty free to buy a bottle of water before going up because they don’t even offer you a glass of water (and the small bottle costs 6€).
It takes almost 10 hours to fly to Paris-Miami.



For the first night of our stay we took an Airbnb near the airport. As we arrived in the evening it was more convenient!

Then we went on and spent 2 nights in 3 different hotels in Miami.


Atton Hotel is located in the Brickell district. The hotel is really nice with a nice rooftop. Sam loved the gym with its view of the buidings!


Circa 39 is located in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue. It is a very cosy little hotel, with a very unusual decoration (especially for the rooms). I loved their little tropical-style inner courtyard and the decoration of their haul is very charming.
They have a pretty well done site where they give addresses to discover Miami as a local.


I think Como Metropolitan is the hotel that impressed us the most about the beauty of the exterior (if I may say so). The pool was just crazy, not to mention the rooftop with its spa and incredible ocean views.
In addition it is very well located!


Miami is a very large city! On the map you might think that you can do everything on foot but when you put the itinerary you quickly realize that it is not feasible.
We took Uber all along the stay. The race is not very expensive, it costs on average $3.50 to $6!

Otherwise, if your budget allows it, you can also rent a car and take advantage of it to get out of Miami!


Miami is a very pretty city where each neighborhood has its own particularity. But beware, it’s a very expensive city! We were a little disappointed when we saw the price of bars and restaurants. Especially since in the United States you have to leave between 8 to 20% tips, which makes the bill go up quickly!
We had already had fun with the hotels so we left the restaurants a little bit, I’m sorry I won’t have many addresses to recommend you so! We preferred to picnic on the beach most of the time or snack at a fast food restaurant (han not good!).


As I told you, every neighborhood in Miami is unique, I really advise you to do all of them if you have the opportunity.


– Miami Beach (of course): Sunset Harbour, Lincoln Road, Collins Avenue, North Beach, South Beach, Ocean Drive…Fun activities to
do in Miami Beach: rent a bike, run on the beach, kayak or simply BRONZER haha!

– Brickell: Miami’s business district.

– Wynwood: The Art District to do absolutely (essential for photos)! It’s a lively neighborhood where there are lots of small shops and nice addresses with great concepts. The frescoes on the walls make it a unique place. To see, really!

– Coconut Groove: I loved walking around this district which is very quiet, far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. It’s a real American style neighborhood, with lots of pretty palm trees.

Little Havana: the Cuban district of Miami

Little Haiti: be careful, some people say that this neighborhood can be dangerous…

Design District: a district with modern architecture where you can find, among other things, all the luxury brands.

It’s also nice to get out of Miami and go to the Keys in particular and the Everglades. We haven’t had a chance to do it this time, but we’ll probably do it if we go back to Miami!


It is difficult for us to “eat well” in the United States. Especially when you don’t want to eat too much fat and don’t want to spend $60 at each meal either.
Fruits, salads (anything “healthy” in fact) are quite expensive there. For example, the banana by the unit 80 cents or the apple $1.20!

But we did try some addresses that we thought were nice:
Rosetta Bakery: which is a kind of Italian bakery with focaccia, Italian sandwiches but also French pastries (like strawberry tarts).
Yogen früz: I really liked the concept of this glacier, which is to serve yourself and pay for ice cream by weight!
Shake Shack: it’s a fast food chain, but burgers are crazy. I loved the Shroom Bruger (a hamburger with a big mushroom filled with cheese!)
Juicy and Java: a healthy, good and affordable restaurant!

I was also told about Whole Foods, a supermarket with a stand where you can make your own salad!

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Destinations of choice for travel bloggers

Love at first sight, romance, devouring passion and ardour are in the spotlight in this post, dear readers, on the occasion of the feast of love that is at our doorstep! Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about the flame of travel that burns in our hearts as travellers and that has probably already ignited yours as well, since you’re reading this post. Well, I get a little carried away, but what do you want, it’s a subject that gets me drunk. On the menu in the next few paragraphs: favourite destinations and, above all, the places on the planet that have stolen the hearts of travel bloggers who have kindly agreed to play the game by participating in this article.

We therefore each share with you a place that is precious to us and that is the subject of a particular affection on our part.

Destinations of choice for travel bloggers

The Old Man of Storr in Scotland

I had been told about it, I had been shown pictures of it; nevertheless, no words or images could have transcribed what I felt that day. The conditions were not perfect, but they could not have been better matched. A whirlwind of excitement under a sparkling light, and I was trying to find my beloved. He’s an old man, made of stone and wind, a little grey, a little bitter. Renowned for its moody beauty, it proudly dominates its mountain, inviting and intimidating at the same time. I was fascinated, bewitched, bewitched. Often hidden behind a thick foggy blanket, he had that morning donned his most beautiful colors. Adorned with gold and light, he offered me what I had always dreamed of: the feeling of being exactly where I should be. And despite the impending storm, I was very lucky to be there, facing one of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes, so I decided to give him a gift and left my heart to the Old Man of Storr.

→Cliquez here to read Marion’s full article on the Old Man of Storr.

Rarotonga in the Cook Islands

Lost in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean is a small piece of paradise: Rarotonga, the largest of the Cook Islands. From my first steps on this Polynesian land, the warm and relaxed atmosphere won me over. Even before I left the airport, I could already hear the cheerful notes of a ukulele announcing a promising week. I was not disappointed.

Like this melody, life here seems sweet and quiet. The locals show beautiful smiles, wear colourful clothes and the women adorn their hairstyles with flowers, everything seems to encourage tranquility, especially the beautiful white sandy beaches bordered by coconut palms on one side and the lagoon on the other. The first time I saw the lagoon I was surprised by the intensity of the color of the water and the striking contrast with the blue of the sea. And once you’re underwater, it’s just as surprising. We see fish of all colors! A real paradise for snorkeling! And for those who love hiking, the hills of this volcanic island are waiting for you! With all this we feel like we’re being transported in the middle of the cartoon Moana!

→Cliquez here to read Aurélie’s articles on the Cook Islands.

Bavaria in Winter: Deliciously kitschy

I always thought kitsch was an art form. Bavaria in winter is a real masterpiece: kitsch becomes sublime: snow-covered fairytale castles, horse-drawn carriages haflinger in the middle of snowflakes, swans floating on half-frozen lakes, romantic candlelit sleigh rides, everything is made for lovers. And the most perfect city for a Bavarian Valentine’s Day is Schwangau, famous for its unpronounceable but world-famous castle: Neuschwanstein.

This romantic madness sits on a rocky spur, in the heart of a landscape of mountains and lakes, and attracts countless marriage declarations. In Schwangau, you can ride in a horse-drawn carriage in the moonlight, feed deer, swim in an amethyst pool at the world’s most kitsch thermal baths (König Ludwig Therme), and buy a medallion commemorating Ludwig and Sissi’s thwarted loves. I have spent several Valentine’s Days there and I never get tired of it, seeing the moon rise with torches over Neuschwanstein will remain one of the most romantic moments of my life.

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