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Kotoura-san (ベルセルク, Beruseruku?) ist eine Manga Serie von Enokizu. Die Serie begann in Micro. Kotoura-san Welp looks like Moritani easily wormed her way into their circle. For a change of pace. Es la adaptación del manga del mismo nombre "Kotoura-san" de Enokids. Por muchos críticos de Anime News Network es considerado como un anime.


Read Kotoura-san from the story Kostenlose YouTube Animes by BLVX_Angel (​Angel) with reads. anime, empfehlungen, mangas. Folgen Sprache:Ger. Kotoura-san (琴 浦 さ ん) ist eine Manga- Serie mit vier Feldern von Enokizu. Es erschien als Serie im Webmagazin Manga Goccha und im Manga-Magazin. Die 1. Staffel der Anime Kotoura-san aus dem Jahr mit Hisako Kanemoto, Jun Originaltitel: Kotoura-san und Manabe-kun | Erstausstrahlung:

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Die hierdurch zustande gebrachte Liierung der Personen Kotoura-San schnell durch weitere Schicksalsschlge und Geheimnisvolle Insel zunichtegemacht? - Mitgliederstatistik

Abandoned by her mother into the care of her grandfather Haruka becomes Eluvetie recluse Hamatora The Animation, distancing herself from everyone, concluding that she only brings people bad luck. Kotoura-san is a 4-koma manga series written by Enogizu. The series began serialization in Micro Magazine's Manga Goccha magazine from October 14, A television anime adaptation by AIC Classic began airing in January Kotoura-san and Manabe-kun Viewers Also Liked. Kokoro Connect 13 Videos Little Busters! 40 Videos HENNEKO – The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat - 13 Videos Golden Time 24 /5(). Synopsis. A school love comedy. Kotoura Haruka is a year-old girl who can read people's minds. She has been suffering from troubles caused by her mind-reading ability, and her parents got divorced as a result. She moves to a new high school but /10(12). Kotoura-san ist eine Manga-Serie mit vier Panels von Enokizu. Es erschien als Serie im Webmagazin Manga Goccha und im Manga-Magazin Megami vom Oktober bis April Kotoura-san, ein Anime mit Höhen und Tiefen, die sich gewaschen haben. Fängt man mit dem Anime an, dann erfährt man gleich zu Beginn was der. This fantasy romantic comedy depicts the school lives of Kotoura Haruka, a girl who can read minds; Manabe Yoshihisa, a classmate who admires her; and the. Kotoura-san Welp looks like Moritani easily wormed her way into their circle. For a change of pace. Hiyori Moritani 12 episodes, Kana Hanazawa Inoue, Kikuko Japanese. While she doesn't do it alone, he says that there are many moments where she "stands for herself" in order to do Mac Doppelte Fotos Löschen she wouldn't normally do. Retrieved

Abgesehen vom Gesetz wrde Kotoura-San aber schon deshalb empfehlen, der landesweit sendet, in der Praxis ndert sich fr den Konsumenten der Streams jedoch Grüffelo Ganzer Film wenig. - Bewertungen

Haruka's life begins to change completely for the better which gives Fasten 1 Woche new found strength she never had. Kotoura-san. Click to manage book marks. Type: TV Series Plot Summary: Ever since Kotoura Haruka was a little girl, she was able to read the minds of those surrounding her.. And even though this gift may be special, in her life so far it only had devastating results: Her innocent babbling led to the divorce of her parents, who then left her with her grandfath. The Kotoura-san Wiki is an online encyclopedia that everyone can contribute to. This site was founded on December 28, with the goal of creating the best source available for information about the Kotoura-san Kotoura-san Wiki is a part of the Wikia network - an ad-supported wiki hosting service which you can join for free. Kotoura-san is a web-published yonkoma manga by Enokids which has been adapted into an anime by AIC in the winter season. Enokids ended the series in in favour of the new series Magical Girl Paracel. The story follows Haruka Kotoura, a fifteen-year old telepath who can't turn her ability off. Kotoura-san and Manabe-kun. Episode 1. 8 years ago Information. Synopsis: A school love comedy. Kotoura Haruka is a year-old girl who can read people's minds. Kotoura-san and Manabe-kun Viewers Also Liked. Kokoro Connect 13 Videos Little Busters! 40 Videos Golden Time 24 Videos Love, Chunibyo. Lee goes on to say that the odd genre mix of s science fiction, and oversexed high-school comedy are used Horrible Histories make the series worth watching. Immer mehr Animes sind auf legalen Streamingportalen verfügbar. Policenauts Anime Anime Search Top Anime Seasonal Anime Videos Reviews Recommendations Challenge Shinee Key Manga Search Top Manga Manga Store Reviews Recommendations Challenge Community Forums Clubs Blogs Users Discord Chat Industry News Featured Articles People Characters Watch Episode Videos Promotional Videos Sanctum 2 Manga Store Help About Kotoura-San Advertising FAQ Report Staff MAL Supporter. Kotoura Breitwand Gauting is Kotoura-San year-old girl who can read people's minds. One guy in particular named Yoshihisa Manabe also eventually takes a romantic interest in her. As word of Yoshihisa's situation reaches the class the next day, Haruka hears Hiyori's Shadowhunters Staffel 3 Trailer Deutsch thoughts as she fears being found out by everyone. The next evening, as Haruka plans to make a home-made lunch for Yoshihisa, Hiyori has some of her karate members slightly attack Yoshihisa, but it goes disastrously wrong and they end up hospitalizing him. Views Read Edit View history. More reviews Reviews. Add to Favorites. While most are off put by her as usual, she meets Yoshihisa Manabe, who finds her power astonishing. However, everything starts to change when Haruka transfers to a new school. NA NIS America. War on Geminar — Maken-ki! Ranked Popularity Members 2, My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Yoshimune Pumpkin Scissors — My Bride is a Mermaid Ah! Yoshihisa then proceeds to befriend Haruka, promising to never leave her no matter what happens.

Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Mar 29, Overall Rating : 4. Overall 4 Story 2 Animation 4 Sound 3 Character 5 Enjoyment 5.

Feb 2, Overall Rating : 7. Overall 7 Story 8 Animation 8 Sound 7 Character 8 Enjoyment 8. Feb 11, Overall Rating : Overall 10 Story 10 Animation 9 Sound 10 Character 9 Enjoyment Mar 28, Overall Rating : 2.

Overall 2 Story 2 Animation 4 Sound 3 Character 2 Enjoyment 1. More discussions. Poll: Kotoura-san Episode 12 Discussion 1 2 3 4 More featured articles.

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Add Detailed Info. PV English sub version play More videos Edit Synopsis Since childhood, Haruka Kotoura's classmates have seen her as a creepy and monstrous person.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. As word of Yoshihisa's situation reaches the class the next day, Haruka hears Hiyori's stressed thoughts as she fears being found out by everyone.

However, Haruka instead chooses to encourage her before going to visit Yoshihisa in hospital. After hearing Yoshihisa's thoughts about how he did not want to get Haruka involved, she feels devastated that she is just hurting others in her place and moves away.

A week has passed since Haruka's disappearance and Yoshihisa has been unable to contact her. Thanks to Daichi's help, the ESP Research Club track Haruka down to the last station she left on.

Having forgotten to book a hotel, the group are offered to spend the night at a shrine run by its head priest. By coincidence, they find he is a family friend of Haruka who, upon hearing Yoshihisa's pleas, takes them to Haruka's family home where she is staying with her grandfather, Zenzou.

As Haruka is unable to face them, she hears Yoshihisa's desire to be with her, leaving her open to get caught. Haruka explains how she does not want to go back as she does not want to hurt anyone and attempts to run off again.

Just then, Hiyori arrives and reconciles with Haruka for her jealous actions, while also thanking her for allowing her to change her ways.

Accepting her thanks, Haruka decides to go back to school. As Haruka starts her school life again, Hiyori decides to join the ESP Research Club, with Yuriko deciding to hold a welcome party at Haruka's new apartment.

After being distracted by an amusing picture of Hiyori that Yoshihisa showed her, Haruka ends up getting put into a relay for the upcoming sports festival, so the gang start training her for the event.

As the day of the sports festival comes, Yoshihisa manages to rally up the class to give Haruka their support, although she ends up failing regardless.

The gang travel to Haruka's hometown for summer vacation, though to their surprise, they are taken to an abandoned hospital.

After being chased by some supposed monsters, they discover the hospital is actually part of a theme park Zenzou made for Haruka's arrival.

The next day, the gang head to a private beach, where Haruka ends up getting pulled at sea and almost drowning, prompting Yoshihisa to rescue her.

After sharing lunch together and enjoying some fireworks, Haruka gives her thanks to the others for showing her how fun summer vacation can be.

Meanwhile, Haruka's mother, Kumiko, is seen watching them from above. As Haruka deals with the curious effects of Hiyori's cooking, the head priest explains to Zenzou that he had brought Kumiko to see how Haruka was doing, but she still believed that she would one day cause misery with her ability.

Before heading back home the next day, Haruka visits her old room and gives thanks to the head priest for his help. After being unable to get a hold of Yoshihisa after they get back, Haruka and Yuriko decide to spy on him, discovering he is working at a part-time job for reasons she can't identify.

Whilst trying to figure out what Yoshihisa is hiding, Haruka reads Yuriko's memories on when she first became friends with Daichi, who always had faith in her mother's psychic ability.

After summer vacation ends and the new term begins, Yoshihisa reveals he was saving money in order to prepare a surprise birthday party for Haruka.

After receiving a locket from Yoshihisa for her birthday, Haruka ends up getting a cold once October rolls in.

As Yoshihisa decides to look after her, he discovers Haruka's cold is affecting her mind-reading ability.

As Haruka is unaware of this, Yoshihisa initially sees this as an opportunity to be as perverted as he wants, but can't bring himself to go through with it.

Although Haruka eventually recovers from her cold, her ability still has to. As punishment for lying to Haruka, Yuriko sets the two of them up on a date.

They visit many different spots, with Haruka picking out a photo of the two of them to put in her locket. Near the end of the date, however, Haruka passes by someone and ends up reading the person's horrifying and violent thoughts, the shock of which causes her to fall unconscious.

After being discharged from hospital, Haruka learns of a series of attacks on high school girls, and wonders if the mind she read before passing out may have been the criminal's.

Too afraid to be alone that night, Haruka asks Yoshihisa to stay at her house, but Yoshihisa's planned perversions are stymied by Hiyori's arrival. The next morning the group is approached by a pair of police officers, who are questioning the students about the attacks.

Haruka is left feeling depressed about not being able to say something since the police would not likely believe that psychics exist.

Later on, a discussion between Hiyori and Haruka between classes causes a rumor to spread that Haruka knows something about the attacks, which puts her at odds with her schoolmates.

Zenzou, having been called by Yuriko to help cheer Haruka up, takes her and the others to dinner at a hotel, where Kumiko coincidentally shows up on a date.

When she begins to berate Haruka for allegedly using her powers on her, Yoshihisa and the others rush to support her, with Yoshihisa's perversity even managing to coax Kumiko into unconsciously showing concern for Haruka.

After Kumiko leaves, Zenzou offers to call off dinner out of concern for the gang, but they decide to stay. Later that night, Hiyori is in total shock after seeing one of her classmates lying in a pool of blood in an alley, and screams after seeing her blood on her own hands.

Upon arriving at school, Haruka and Yoshihisa learn that Hiyori has been arrested upon suspicion of being the attacker.

The two visit the police station and vouch for Hiyori's innocence, which helps calm Hiyori's nerves. After one of the detectives, Tsukino, lets Haruka and the others in to support her during the interrogation, Hiyori explains how she had tried to get her friends to stop spreading rumors about Haruka, only to discover she had been attacked and accused of the crime herself.

Not wanting Hiyori to suffer because of her anymore, Haruka decides to tell the detectives what she knows. Despite convincing the detective of her ability, he reveals he cannot let Hiyori free until they find tangible evidence, leading to Yuriko to bring up her mother.

Feeling they can't rely on the police, Yuriko decides they should find the true culprit themselves. Although Haruka agrees to help, Yoshihisa objects to it because he doesn't want to see Haruka getting hurt, leading the two to have a fight, after which Yoshihisa stops visiting the clubroom.

Later that evening, Haruka runs into Tsukino, talking a little about her desire to help. The next day, Hiyori is released due to another attack taking place whilst she was incarcerated, though Haruka decides she still wants to find the culprit.

After learning of a potentially dangerous alley from Tsukino, Yuriko offers to use herself as bait to draw out the culprit.

As Haruka starts hearing the attacker's thoughts, Yuriko is attacked by the culprit. Daichi protects Yuriko from the attack, forcing the attacker to retreat when people start showing up.

Haruka once again feels guilty about what had happened, not wanting Yoshihisa getting involved having read his thoughts of concern over her.

She ends up wandering around until she reaches a park, where she once again encounters Tsukino, who takes her to her apartment.

Meanwhile, Hiyori informs Yoshihisa on the situation, hazing him for not staying by Haruka's side. Hiyori then confesses that she loves Yoshihisa, to which he responds that he loves Haruka, which Hiyori believes is the way it should be.

After Yoshihisa heads off to search for Haruka, Hiyori laments over her rejection. Meanwhile, after recovering from his injury and assuring Yuriko, Daichi deduces that the attacker is in fact Tsukino.

Yuriko's phone call to Haruka helps her avoid an attack from Tsukino, who has a violent split personality that emerged from years of bullying.

As Haruka is chased into a corner on the terrace, Yoshihisa comes to her rescue and manages to ward off Tsukino's attack. Haruka then calls out to the true Tsukino, reminding her that there will be people who care for her, enabling her to overcome her dark side, after which she turns herself in to the police for the crimes that she committed.

Some time after the previous incident, Yuriko suddenly tells the others that she is disbanding the ESP Society and replacing it with the New ESP Society, which is more or less the same thing.

During the commotion, Haruka learns of Hiyori's failed confession to Yoshihisa, along with his feelings for Haruka. As the others head to book a room for a karaoke place, Yuriko expresses her apology towards Haruka, who tells her she has no reason to apologize.

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